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Often when presenting previous editions of our Intercontinental Circuit, we have spoken about how the globalisation of our world has enabled the success of our organisation, and other similar ones. In other words, globalisation can be understood as a positive value in the world that we live in.
However, this year when we organised the fifth edition of our Circuit, we could already see the consequences, in this case negative, of this globalisation. Admittedly, the COVID-19 pandemic that we are still living through has added a negative, tragic and painful aspect to this globalisation, which has helped to spread this 21st century “plague” at lightning speed.
At the start of this year, which is now coming to an end, not even in their worst nightmares could anyone have imagined that a particle as minute as a virus could be capable of changing our lives as much as it has done, and will continue to do. Not only that, no one could have imagined the tragic consequences that the virus would have on the whole of humanity, whether social, economic, or health in particular, and the immense loss of life that it has caused and will continue to cause.
We did consider taking some time out and not organising the Circuit this year, but in the end, despite everything, we believe that we must try to live as normally as possible and continue with our project. Fortunately, today’s digital world, and the platform that we work with, mean that the organisational aspects can continue to function seamlessly. What did change, however, was personal contact, which we replaced with videoconference calls when making our decisions. This has allowed the jury to work comfortably, but without the close contact which enables the exchange of ideas and ways of understanding photography, and the promotion of friendships.
It seems that the participants also shared this idea of trying to live through the situation in the most normal way possible, and they have once again entrusted us with their work. We have received 4,407 photographs from 392 artists from 51 countries around the world. We believe this is a resounding success, considering the current special circumstances.
We hope that for the next edition, the situation will have greatly improved and the light at the end of the tunnel will be in sight, with a solution to the pandemic within reach.
This year, more than ever, we hope to see you all at the next Intercontinental Circuit 2021.

Josep M. Casanoves Dolcet, AFIAP, EsFIAP
General Chairman of the Intercontinental Circuit
Circuit Chairman

Josep M Casanoves Dolcet