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Regrettably we must allude to the COVID-19 pandemic for yet another year in the presentation of our new edition of the Intercontinental Circuit. Once again, some of our jury has had to meet via videoconference to perform the task of scoring and awarding the prizes to the winners.
As we said in our previous edition, a remote verdict is possible thanks to current technology and fortunately we have been able to continue our Circuit with a certain degree of normality. However, at the same time, this situation is preventing the personal contact that is so necessary to strengthen the bonds of friendship that promote photography, as well as the exchange of ideas and ways of seeing photography and life in general.
Something that does not appear to have changed is the desire of the photographer artists to return to normality; those who, year after year, send us their work to participate in our Circuit. In this edition, and in keeping with previous editions, we have received 4,391 works by 384 authors from 49 countries around the world.
It seems that now – and without forgetting the proper precautions – we are able to return to a normality more similar to the one we enjoyed before this pandemic. It is a pandemic that has changed our lives in a major way, especially with regards to personal relationships.
Despite the new variants of the virus that are appearing and the new waves of infections, the pandemic now seems to be subsiding. This is thanks mainly to the vaccines, the precautions, and the observance of the most basic hygienic measures.
We hope, therefore, that when we present the seventh edition of the Intercontinental Circuit it will no longer be necessary to make reference to this modern plague that has disrupted life throughout the globalized world.
So, until the 2022 edition, when photography will bring us together again, in the context of our Intercontinental Circuit.

Josep M. Casanoves Dolcet, AFIAP, EsFIAP
General Chairman of the Intercontinental Circuit
Circuit Chairman

Josep M Casanoves Dolcet