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Once again - it is now in its fourth year - cooperation between countries as varied and far apart as Spain, Andorra, Cuba, Panama and the Dominican Republic has made possible another edition of the Intercontinental Circuit characterised by a high level of participation and the quality of the work submitted.
We believe that the great work and close understanding between members of the organisation in each country and the rigorous, meticulous job done by each jury, plus their objectiveness and experience, give our Circuit a dependability that inspires confidence among the photographers who send us their work.
There are in fact five different juries and perhaps five ways of seeing the world through photography, but a look at the results makes clear that all the events on our circuit choose the works that are characterised by the greatest impact, quality and - in many cases - innovation.
There are always some photographs that have more of an impact than others, and with the sheer numbers of images in the media that now exist to showcase photographic artists' work it is especially impressive when they manage to make an impact on juries and viewers in general in today's world with its saturation of images.
As we mentioned at the start, the level of participation has been high. We have received 6,413 works by 570 authors from 61 countries around the world. Another successful call for entries, especially in view of the large number of salons and circuits organised every year under the aegis of the FIAP and the PSA.
This success encourages us to carry on with the photographic project that is the Intercontinental Circuit. We hope to see you again in autumn 2020 at the fifth edition of our - and your - Circuit. Thank you once more for the confidence you have placed in us year after year.

Josep M. Casanoves Dolcet, AFIAP, EsFIAP
General Chairman of the Intercontinental Circuit
Circuit Chairman

Josep M Casanoves Dolcet