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12th International Salon of Photography

In the town of Reus, Catalonia, from 1973 to 1993, the International Biennial of Photography Europa was organised. It was twenty years and eleven biennials, all curated by Mr. Enric Pàmies, HonEFIAP, honorary president FIAP. The Salon Europa alternated with FOTOSPORT, also in Reus, which since 1970 has been held continuously until present.

We would like to restore this event with a completely updated format, however maintaining the same spirit. From the town of Reus we would also like to project ourselves to Europa and the world. We wanted to receive the best pictures from around the world that artists would like to send us.

Celebrating has succeeded because we received 5268 works by 476 authors from 53 countries around the world. We hope to be backing EUROPE 2013.

Thank you!

Josep M. Casanoves Dolcet AFIAP – EsFIAP
Chairman of Biennals Europa i Fotosport