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Medalla Fotosport 2012


XXII International Biennial of Sports Photography

After 2010 extra edition, when we celebrate FOTOSPORT’s 40th anniversary, once again we are delighted to inform you about FOTOSPORT 2012 edition. A new edition where we will complete the transition started in 2010 edition and moved on to digital participation.

Therefore, participation was only online at our website however we will continue carrying on the 100 best works exhibition, where you will find out both awarded and selected works, and also the book which includes all of them in high resolution quality. We would like to remember that FIAP has awarded the books of previous editions with five starts.

We think the commitment that we have been successful. We received 1510 works by 148 authors from 33 countries worldwide. We hope, therefore, your participation again in Fotosport 2012.

Thank you!

Josep M. Casanoves Dolcet, AFIAP, EsFIAP
Chairman salons Fotosport and Europa