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18th International Photography Biennal

Once again, it’s time for this year’s edition of the Salon EUROPA. We’ve held 18 editions since this project was first set up in 1973, and in 2012 it was overhauled in its form though not its substance.

The original idea behind Saln Europa remains intact. It was and still is an open window on the world through the photographs sent in by artists on all five continents. A window of fresh air through which to see a view of our world through the eyes of photographers from all over the globe.

In 1973, when we started out, in the context of our most immediate surroundings, our small country of Catalonia, this window on the world allowed us to look out and get a wider view of the world than was allowed here, as the country was very closed at that time.

History seems to move in cycles and in some ways we are now back in the end of that era and our Salon EUROPA once again serves as a breath of fresh air to enable us to feel fully part of the Europe to which we have always looked and attempted to model ourselves on.

None of this would be possible without the indispensable collaboration of all the photographers who have entrusted their work to us and taken part in our show. This year, moreover, we have created a special prize for women photographers, with the aim of encouraging the many excellent female photographers in the world to take part. The prize is intended as a small grain of sand to help achieve equality between men and women within the field of creative photography.

Thus, we have received 3,830 pieces by 299 artists from 50 countries around the world. A considerable number of entries, which is slightly up on previous years.
See you again in 2020 for another edition of Saló EUROPA.

Thank you everybody!

Josep Maria Casanoves Dolcet, AFIAP – EsFIAP
Salon Europa Chairman