Logo Fotosport 2016


XXIV International Biennial of Sports Photography


For me, Fotosport 2016 is a very emotional and special edition. Since the last editon of Fotosport, two people have left us who were very significant in the cultural life of Reus and Fotosport.

By the end of 2014, Enric Pàmies passed away, which meant a great loss for the world of photography and especially for Fotosport. He created it in 1970 and was its commissioner until 2000, but, until his last days, he was very present in Fotosport. He lived each edition and salon very intensely.

In 2002, I took over but I always could count on him for anything, either for help or advice. I never felt alone in the face of Fotosport and I remember well how happy he was when we presented a new edition, which he would never miss.

It is a great loss but his work and memory remain among us and lives on. In fact, Fotosport follows the guideline he began in several aspects. It is clear that some aspects such as photography, many organizational factors, the catalogue and the diffusion have evolved well and are internally different from those in 1970, when Fotosport was created by Enric Pàmies. However, its philosophy, essence and spirit remain the same: to join sport with photography in an international and, in many aspects, unique salon. It is the oldest of the country of Catalonia, and it is the only one recognized by the FIAP which is based exclusively on sport. All this, together with Enric Pàmies’ good work, has resulted in Fotosport achieving a great prestige throughout the world in the field of photography.

Another aspect that adds to Fotosports’ uniqueness amongst other international salons and landscapes is the awards. From de first edition until today’s, the awards have consisted in bronze medals of limited edition and exclusive design for every edition created by Ramon Ferran, a prestigious sculptor and engraver from Reus.

Unfortunately, Ramon Ferran, who was a great artist and instructor during his lifetime, also passed away at the beginning of 2015. As for Fotosport, he left us an important artistic legacy with two exclusive engravings in 1990 and 2010 to celebrate 20 and 40 years of Fotosport respectively. Undoubtedly, the most important legacy he left us is the extraordinary medals collection from all the editions between 1970 and 2016: 24 unique pieces, little sculptures and pieces of artistic work destined to reward the winners in every edition of Fotosport.

Fotosport will go on its way but we will certainly miss these two remarkable individuals. From the sense of loss that overwhelms us, we encourage you to meet again by presenting the next edition: Fotosport 2018.

Josep M Casanoves Dolcet, AFIAP – EsFIAP
Club Natació Reus Ploms. Chairman of Fotosport
Vicepresident of FCF