Logo GaudiRfoto

Logo of GaudiRfoto, inspired by the Casa Batlló, Barcelona.


Enjoy photography.

“Gaudir” in Catalan means to enjoy. At the same time, Gaudí is an architect known to everyone because of his genius. He was born in Reus and he is surely the most universal of our citizens. GaudiRfoto was born with the intention to unify all these ideas into a word, an acronym. This is the name of the exhibition, which is to convene it during spring. GaudiRfoto synthesizes the idea of enjoying photography but it also wants to be situated in its place of origin. The letter R symbolizes Reus and Gaudí is our most international architect. This is why architecture will be one of the topics in the exhibition. Furthermore, a photograph award called Medalla Gaudí was convened since the 1940s. Between 1975 and 1997 it turned into the Biennals Internacionals de Fotografia Medalla Gaudí. The new GaudiRfoto tries to be the continuity of those exhibitions in order to keep the name of Gaudí in the world of photography and Reus.


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